A look back at fall/winter 2023/24

SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH CHILDREN'S EYES, that's what drives us, every day. So we have once again created a collection that is cheerful, colorful, light and carefree. Products with meaning and understanding that stimulate the imagination and let us dream of a better world.

A CLASSIC BECOMES A TREND ACCESSORY: THE BABY CAP. No other shape of hat is as strongly linked to the DNA of maximo as the balaclava. Every year it is one of our absolute bestsellers. No other hat has had such a permanent place in our collections over the years. Constantly further developed in shape, color and materials, it is known across generations as THE kindergarten hat. Previously a practical style for minis, the balaclava is now developing into an absolute trend accessory in the adult world. That's why in this collection, in addition to the familiar shapes, we've designed new, casual styles for kids that look less like a hood and more like a hood, but offer the same added value: being wrapped up warm with just one style.

NEW AND SUSTAINABLE Our GOTS area continues to be characterized by a calm world of colors and natural materials. New is a series of hats and clothing made from cotton fleece in delicate pastel tones that support the soft and cozy character of this material. Our wool fleece range is complemented by a rich caramel tone and new hat shapes with ties.

SHERPA Our absolute favorite quality is Sherpa fleece. Whether as a sweet beanie with teddy ears for babies, as fashionable reversible styles for minis or as an inner lining for parka styles and caps for kids. The possible uses are diverse and enrich every age group.

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