Spring /summer 2017

Exploring the world around them and finding things out through play is something kids like doing
best. And in the warmer months they would stay outside all day if they could. Obviously, their
clothes and accessories must fit them perfectly and endure all their adventures. The knitwear and
accessories in maximo’s current spring/summer collection offer ideal protection from the wind and
the sun, while cheering everybody up into the bargain!

maximo has the kind of accessories that all those ardent explorers, from toddlers to teenagers, will
absolutely love – favorites that will see them through the time of the year when they are so active.
This season’s cheerful colors range from summery pastel hues to bright shades and denim-style

Featuring animal themes such as crocodiles, apes, birds and cats, fruits and all kinds of vehicles, our
collection is bound to bring new life to any child’s wardrobe. There are popular motifs such as cars,
site vehicles and policeman for the boys and this year photo prints are all the rage, as well. As
always, our collection features horizontal stripes in any number of different color combinations.

Our range includes classic favorites such as beanies, short beanies and caps with or without neck
guards to effectively ward off the glare of the sun and those chilly winds as well as delicate woolly
bonnets with or without ties for babies and infants. Our pretty ribbons and headbands brighten up
any party, indoors or out.

All our accessories boast that quality that you have come to expect from maximo. We use classic
cotton, cotton jersey and light summer fabrics. Many of Maximo’s accessories offer effective
ultraviolet protection – up to UPF 50+.

Have a great summer!

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